Aapke Aa Jane Se 12th July 2018 Written Update

Aapke Aa Jane Se 12th July 2018 Written Update by Sona

Aapke Aa Jane Se 12th July 2018 Written Episode

Yash asks if this is the only reason Vaidika is doing this. Vaidika counts that firstly Sahil has done uncountable to make her life better; secondly she is only alive because of Sahil today and thirdly Sahil is in this condition because of her husband. She tells Yash she knows the price of this mangal sooter and sindoor and walks away.
Nidhi brings food into the room and calls Karan to feed her with his own hands, she feels really weak. She tells Shruti Karan must fulfil the duty of a father to her child, he is always busy with her. Shruti gets a call from Anjana and was tensed for Sahil. She hurries towards home.
There, Vaidika sat with Sahil and asks him to get up. She cries and says she knows he can listen to her. He is so stubborn, he comes closer when she forbids him, she asks

him to shut up but he continues chatter; now when she wants to hear his voice he lay here without moving. She cries sitting there and at once hears I love you Vaidika ji, I love you so much and can’t live without her; will she marry him? He is giving her no second option. Vaidika was shocked at the sound for a while, it was Aarya playing the recording of Sahil’s rehearsal before he proposed her. She wish Vaidika had accepted the proposal, Sahil must be find today. Aarya walks out of the room crying.
The Pandit at Agarwal house tells the family that Sahil’s stars are going in opposite direction and pose huge damage to his life. He tells them about a remedy in which Sahil’s wife must take 11000 rounds of the tree barefoot and holding a pot over her head. People have got positive results of this remedy. Bari Amma asks the Pandit to tell them some easy remedies. The Pandit says Sahil’s birth chart is difficult, his birth chart is completed only by the chart of his wife and the pooja they conducted together. The same lady can save Sahil now. Vaidika had walked downstairs and heard all this. Gauri and Anjana recall Vaidika did this pooja, they request Vaidika to do this pooja for Sahil. Vaidika says she is Yash’s wife. Gauri says she sat in pooja with Sahil, may be she is Sahil’s wife according to his birth chart. Anjana thinks about all that Sahil suffered. Gauri and Anjana stood with their hands joint for Vaidika. Vaidika decides to do the remedy, she can do anything to save Sahil; but not as a wife. She believes whatever happened with Sahil was wrong and she will do anything to save him. Yash heard this from upstairs.
In the temple, Vaidika comes for the pooja. Pandit place a filled pot over her head. She walks around the tree bare feet.
Sahil lay in the bed, unconscious.
Shruti and Anjana sat with Sahil. Puneesh comes into the room and informs Anjana that Bari Amma is calling her. Anjana takes Shruti along. Puneesh speaks to Sahil to get up and listen to her elder brother in law. If he doesn’t wake up how he would revenge him? His family is stupid to think he would get any better. Since Sahil lay here immobile he has decided to finish him off. He fills a medicine in an injection and decides to give the poison to Sahil, this will begin his journey from life to death within hours. Puneesh injects the poison in Sahil’s drip.
Vaidika was badly sweating and panting heavily while the pots on her head were increased and a fire ablaze in it.
Puneesh says that Vaidika won’t be able to save him. No one will ever know how Sahil Agarwal died.
Women were losing courage around Vaidika to continue with the Tapasia but Vaidika was determined not to give up. She will do anything to save Sahil. Anjana comes to the room while Puneesh was still there. She notices the drip of Sahil was closed. She goes out to call the doctor inside.
Vaidika’s feet were badly bleeding. She sweat badly.
Puneesh watches the doctor replace the drip of Sahil.
Vaidika’s stamina give up but she continues.

PRECAP: Gauri was happy that Sahil is getting better and may get conscious soon. Vaidika returns home in bad condition. They place the temple flower over Sahil’s forehead. Anjana thanks Vaidika for all her efforts, she would never forget her favor. Aarya complains to Yash he didn’t come to see Sahil once, how shall she consider him as a good father then? Yash locks the door and physically harasses Vaidika for fulfilling someone else’s rights as a wife.

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