1. Azalea
    July 14, 10:17 Reply

    Attitude person
    Who s that
    Do I know you
    Are you firdouse Appi?

  2. πŸ‘€
    July 14, 06:21 Reply

    Kafi waqt ho gayi
    Aapse baat nhi ho pai
    Umeed hai ki aap teek ho!

  3. πŸ‘€
    July 14, 04:49 Reply

    Attitude person!
    Hope its enough for introduction!

  4. πŸ‘€
    July 10, 13:58 Reply

    Aur phir chal diye
    Tum kahaan hum kahaan😒

    • Azalea
      July 12, 13:15

      Tum ?
      Who ar you
      Where r u from

  5. Azalea
    July 05, 14:51 Reply

    I didn’t know u guys had got back on dtb on this page 😰😰😰😰😨😭πŸ˜ͺ
    Miss u guys zk jiya Zoha fd and all

  6. Manankhan
    May 16, 10:47 Reply

    Hii guyzzz
    Missing you all sooo much


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