Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th July 2018 Written Update

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th July 2018 Written Update by H_Hasan

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th July 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sameer bringing Naina to echo point. Naina opens her blindfold and calls him. Sameer comes. She asks where did he go and says she can’t live without him for even half second. Sameer brings cake and wishes her happy. Naina asks if it is for her. Sameer says no for Taya ji. Naina gets emotional and says nobody did this for her. Sameer says someone will do this for you, this buddhu every year. Tai ji invites relatives for Naina’s birthday. Tayi ji asks anand why did he make so many arrangements. Anand says he wanted to write her name with gold and silver and says she will reach heights. Delivery guy comes and gives them cake. Tai ji asks if Taya ji got it. Anand says he has ordered it, and asks her not to worry. Naina cuts the cake and makes him eat it. He applies

it on her face. She also applies a bit of cream on his face, and then wipes it with a cloth.
Sameer says happy birthday Naina and shouts on the echo point. His voice echoes. Naina says I love you Sameer and hugs him from behind. Naina’s voiceover says she felt other world that day and was flying high with him, she says she forgot that her family is waiting for her. It is 3 pm, Anand is still making arrangements and talks to his client, says he will bring his balance sheet tomorrow. Taya ji likes the arrangements. Tai ji sees a variety of food items. She asks if this is birthday celebration or marriage function. Bela asks Anand to tie balloons there. Preeti comes home from college and likes the decoration. She gets tensed when Anand asks about Naina. Preeti says she will come by 6 pm as there is a special class. Tai ji asks why she didn’t attend. Preeti says she doesn’t like economics and came home early to help in the arrangements. Sameer says happy birthday Naina. Naina says thank you Sameer. They shout Sameer…Naina at the echo point. He plays song and dances. Itna haseen hai yeh…..plays…

Mama ji tells Prabha that he called at Sunaina’s house and got to know that he didn’t come to school. Poonam says you shall call Munna. Mama ji says he will not say truth and gets tensed. Poonam says he must have gone with his friends to watch film.

Naina says she never thought that her dreams would be like that. Sameer tells that his family think that he has many girlfriends and many girls are after him. Naina says you are not that smart. Sameer says we will make our home here,. She says we shall go home. Sameer says there is still time, we will go by 6. Guests arrive at home. Pooja comes with Varun. Tai ji asks Pooja about her sasural. Bela asks Pooja to help her. Guests asks about Rakesh and Naina. Anand says he went to Baroda and Naina went to extra classes. Tai ji scolds Bela and asks her to give snacks to her. Bela says ok. Sameer and Naina sit in the car, but it doesn’t start.

Naina calls home and Preeti asks her to come fast. Sameer and Naina take lift from strangers. Police stops the stranger’s car.…

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